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Scouts - things to do in idaho falls

There are plenty of fun things to do in Idaho Falls and different activities that scouts get involved in. Axe throwing is one of the more exciting ones. However, plenty of scout leaders just don’t have the knowledge or experience to trust themselves or the scout leaders around them to safely teach this activity.

Instead, you can bring your scouts into On Target Axe Throwing. We can work with you to help teach them the fundamentals and get them involved in all kinds of activities that involve axe throwing. We can teach them the very basics and get them feeling confident in their axe-throwing abilities. Then, we can get them going on some fun competitive events where they can test their skills against each other. All of this will be done in a safe and controlled environment. We’re confident it will be one of the most fun scouting activities they’ve ever participated in.

There are plenty of ways they can earn a new badge with this event. It’s a great way to help them further their knowledge and experience! Your scouts will find this to be one of the most fun things to do in Idaho Falls.