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Fun For A Scouting Activity

Scouts - things to do in idaho falls

Does your scout troop need a fun new activity to do? Maybe even possibly to earn a new badge? Bring them over to On Target Axe Throwing. You as the scout leader will have an awesome time as well as all of the scouts. We will easily be able to accommodate the entire troop. The more the merrier!  

Start A League With Your Friends

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Are you and a group of friends highly interested in Axe Throwing? Start a league! Become regular customers and come on out every week for Axe Throwing leagues. This is a great way to help you achieve your competitive potential while also having a great time with your friends. Don’t forget about the bragging rights that come from cleaning house every week. Having the title of best axe throwers in town has its perks for sure.

A Great Activity For A Family Reunion

Family Reunion - things to do in idaho falls

Is you family having a family reunion this year? Are you all in need of a super fun activity to do that everyone can participate in? On Target Axe Throwing is exactly what you need. We have plenty of room to accommodate your entire party of people. Everyone is sure to have a fantastic time. This is a great way to earn bragging rights that will last a lifetime. So come on in to On Target Axe Throwing or give us a call to reserve spots for you and your friends and family.

New and Exciting Outdoor Recreation in Idaho Falls

If you live in Idaho Falls, you have probably run into the feeling that there is really just nothing else to do in town. Although there is plenty to do for fun, doing those same things over and over again can make life feel pretty dull. Luckily, Idaho Falls is continually growing, and new things are being introduced to the city regularly. The recreational activities that Idaho Falls has to offer can seem limited at times. Although some may argue there is always plenty of fun things to do if you look hard enough, it is not always the case. Most of those things are just plain expensive or have been done too many times to be exciting anymore. Since Idaho Falls is a growing city, new crazes are being introduced to us regularly. One of the latest crazes and fun recreational activities that Idaho Falls has to offer is axe throwing. Axe throwing is a great sport and fun outdoor activity that almost anyone can learn how to do quickly. The idea of axe throwing can seem a little difficult or intimidating, but once you have had a chance to try it, you will not regret it. Axe throwing is a fun recreational activity that can be enjoyed by nearly anyone.

Going out with friends

If you and your friends are looking for some fun recreation in Idaho Falls, axe throwing is the perfect thing to try out. Axe throwing gives you and your friends a chance to hang out and learn something new together that is not traditionally offered in this city. Whether you want just to hang out, or even have a friendly competition after some practice, axe throwing will not disappoint.

Going out with family

If you are looking for a fun way to have a day out with your kids in Idaho Falls, axe throwing is a refreshing alternative to most activities here. Axe throwing can be a fun recreational activity for people of all ages. Although children 11 years and older are preferred, children of any age are welcome to join the fun with parents supervision. Axe throwing can also be a fun activity for getting together with extended family as a way to hang out and bond together.

Work Parties

Axe throwing can be a great recreational activity for work parties. Axe throwing can be a fun and competitive activity and can be great to help build team communication in a fun way. Axe throwing is also more fun with a larger group of people, so the more significant the get-together, the better.

Axe throwing may seem like an intimidating activity at first, but it is one of the fun and new things that Idaho Falls has to offer. On Target Axe Throwing makes the experience even better by teaching you and your group how to throw axes once you arrive. Once you know how to throw an axe accurately, it can make things more comfortable and more fun for you and your group. It also allows you to begin to practice and become better and better at axe throwing. Once you have been able to practice and have gotten the hang of axe throwing, it will be a fun way to have a friendly competition with your friends and family. Axe throwing is also a great recreational activity to do by yourself. Learning something new and practicing are great ways to pass the time, whether you are just bored or are looking for new fun things to do in Idaho Falls. Axe throwing at On Target Axe Throwing is also affordable and easy to make a reservation for. If you have a group of under 4 people, you will not need to make a reservation. If you are coming with a larger group, you may want to avoid any hassle and take advantage of the set time reservation you can make. Axe throwing reservations are available Monday thru Saturday at varying times. Prices are also very affordable. The larger the group of people that you have with you to axe throw, the cheaper it will be for each person. 1 to 3 people is 15$ a person. 4 to 7 people is 12$ a person. 8 or more people is 10$ a person. On Target Axe Throwing can accommodate up to 70 people at one time. On Target Axe Throwing has 14 lanes that can hold up to 5 people each. Because of the amount of space provided for axe throwing, this makes it a great place to hold big get-togethers and events. Some events that can make an excellent time for axe throwing can include:

  • Birthday Parties – No matter what age you are, axe throwing is a unique experience that will make your birthday one to remember.
  • Bachelor Parties And Bachelorette Parties – Axe throwing is a great activity to do with friends, especially a large group. If you are looking for a fun activity and new activity for your party, axe throwing is perfect.
  • Family Reunions – Axe throwing is a great recreational activity for people of any age in Idaho Falls. This makes it perfect for family reunions. Everyone in the family is bound to have a fun time trying out this activity with each other.

Axe throwing is a fun activity that anyone in Idaho Falls can enjoy. It can be done alone, or with a group of friends to add to the fun time. If you live in Idaho Falls and you feel like there is just nothing to do, give axe throwing a try! Learning something new is always great, especially when it is something a little out of the ordinary.