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Company Party - things to do in idaho falls

Is the end of the quarter and your company has reached a very large goal. This is a time for a celebration and what better way to celebrate than to hold a company party for all of the employees and coworkers. You and all of your coworkers may be wondering about things that are fun to do for a company party.

No one wants to do something basic or boring like having a backyard party. It’s time to think outside of the box, try something new that no one would’ve originally thought of. Well, have any of you thought of axe throwing? Axe Throwing is a great way to have fun with all of your coworkers. If you all like a competitive atmosphere, then you will love axe throwing. Axe Throwing is similar to games you may have played before like bowling. You and your coworkers will take turns throwing axes at a target, trying to get the axe to stick as close to the center as possible in order to get the highest score.

And don’t worry if you have never thrown an axe before, everyone will be taught the ins and outs of axe throwing so everyone is competing on the same level. Your company party will be perfectly fine coming over to On Target Axe Throwing. We have 14 axe throwing lanes that can each have up to 5 people per lane. This comes out to a whopping 70 people.

We will easily be able to accommodate your company party no problem. If you are your coworkers plan on having a great time for your company party, consider coming to On Target Axe Throwing. We know that you are going to have a very enjoyable time that everyone will be talking about for years to come. And whoever leaves with the victory this time around will have bragging rights all the way until the next company party. And when the next year rolls around, you and your coworkers will already know what super fun activity you can all do for the company party.