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Bachelor Party - things to do in idaho falls

This is a big step in life, you are finally about to embark on an epic journey into married life. There are many ways of celebrating this joyous occasion, but none greater than going axe throwing with your boys for your bachelor party. When you think of a bachelor party, there are many different ideas that come to mind. But I’ll bet that you haven’t been able to come up with the idea of axe throwing.

Imagine that you are with all of your closest friends at your bachelor party, you are living out your last day of being single while throwing axes and having a good time doing it. If you and your friends have a competitive streak, this is a perfect way to get some last minute bragging rights in.

Also, don’t worry if your bachelor party has a lot of people, On Target Axe Throwing has all the space that you will need. With our 14 lanes that can have up to 5 people on each, we will have no problem accommodating you and your bachelor party. Don’t worry if none of you have ever thrown an axe before, at On Target Axe Throwing, you will be taught the correct form and technique on how to throw an axe properly. This will ensure that everyone is on a similar level. This can either be a casual event or turn into a very competitive event that will leave everyone wanting more.

Don’t worry, you pay by the hour. So as long as you and your party want to stay and throw axes, we can accommodate you. This event is sure to leave a long lasting memory on you and all of your friends. Once it is all said and done, one of you will be leaving with life long bragging rights. Anytime you want to come back and throwing axes with all of your friends, come back in and be ready to have a fantastic time. And the next time one of your friends is getting married, make sure that you suggest to them On Target Axe Throwing.