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Viking On a Ship - things to do in idaho falls

As long as modern people have been aware of the legendary vikings of the north, we have known that while they carried swords, they were also very keen with axes. Wielding them as a tool, but also as a weapon to defend themselves with against their enemies.

Idaho Falls has much to offer, but as you know, Idaho Falls can get a bit stale. It is time to spice things up and come out to On Target Axe Throwing and throw some axes just like the vikings of old. Don’t worry about your band of Vikings being to large, On Target Axe Throwing features 14 lanes that can have up to 5 vikings each, where you can truly unleash your inner viking. Let the beards flow and the viking ladies with their horned helmets and opera voices run wild.

You will be pitted against your friends and family in an all out battle to see who can stick the most throws into the targets. The closer you get to the center, the more points you will earn, further pushing you closer to victory and all of the bragging rights that come with that. This is a very fun and competitive way to get out of the house and go and enjoy an exciting time with the people you love to be with. Rainy day? No problem, all of the On Target Axe Throwing facility is indoors, so regardless of the weather, it is always a good day for axe throwing.  

Also, don’t worry if your viking skills aren’t up to snuff, the On Target Axe Throwing staff is there to help you and make sure that you know what you are doing. By the time that your group leaves, you will all be one with your inner viking. Once the siege of the axe throwing targets has come to a close, you and all of your friends and family will be so satisfied with you time here. You will want to come again and again and enjoy what On Target Axe Throwing has to offer.