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Fun Things To Do In Idaho Falls

Looking for fun things to do in Idaho Falls? You’d be surprised at just how many fun and exciting activities you can engage in here in this city. You can do things that are not only interesting but will also challenge you and require you to hone your skills. A good activity is about more than just killing time, it’s about giving you the satisfaction of learning a new skill that will pay off greatly in the long run.

Become A Professional Axe Thrower

Things To Do In Idaho FallsThis is one you probably didn’t expect, but axe throwing is growing in popularity as a recreational sport. Think of it as a more extreme form of bowling. Axe throwing is one of the most fun things to do in Idaho Falls, and if you’ve never done it before, you can learn it at On Target Axe ThrowingWe wanted to bring the joy of axe throwing here to Idaho Falls. We can arm you with the knowledge and skills you need to get started and eventually excel at this exciting sport.

We have 14 lanes, each one being able to accommodate 5 people. There’s no reason to worry if there’s enough space for you and your friends or family. Eventually, once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can compete with people in a variety of games.

Axe-throwing is a great activity for:

Skiing & Snowboarding

Things To Do In Idaho FallsThis is one of the most common hobbies pick up when they’re looking for fun things to do in Idaho Falls, given how long our winters are. Many people here end up with “cabin fever”, and getting out on the slopes is a great way of relieving it.

We highly recommend checking out Kelly Canyon Ski Resort. Located just 30 minutes outside of Idaho Falls, this ski resort has plenty of cool trails that you can explore. They also have various boxes, rails, jumps, and half-pipes that you can test yourself out on. If you need equipment, you can rent anything you need right there at the rental shop. They also have a lodge with a cafeteria, coffee, and soda if you want to take a break.

Hang Out At The Tautphaus Park Zoo

Check out all of the beautiful and interesting wildlife at the Tautphaus Park Zoo! You can observe incredible-looking birds, playful monkeys, lions, penguins, and more. The zoo is a great place for the family to hang out. Tautphaus Park also has plenty of good food to offer, so if you get hungry, grab a snack.

Ice Skating

Things To Do In Idaho FallsThe Marmo/Wayne Lehto Ice Arena is a fun place to go skating if you’re looking for things to do in Idaho Falls. You can even pick up hockey scrimmage. You can also check out the Tautphaus Park Football Field, which has an outdoor ice rink. If you don’t own a pair of ice skates, you can simply rent one at the arena itself.

If you don’t exactly feel like ice skating, you can enjoy a hockey game or see a skating show. Of course, there are also plenty of concessions available, so you might even want to get dinner there.

Things To Do In Idaho Falls

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